Reiki Healing Art at D’Arrigo Gallery and Wayne Art Center

9 September 2017

Grounding, 8” X 10”, acrylic, glass beads and tempered glass on canvas

Not easy to write a blog post in the midst of recent and ongoing devastation in Houston, Mexico, Haiti, the Caribbean and Florida. And if the waters were calm and floods receded it would still be difficult to maintain stasis in our bizarre political climate.  But this is an art site and a healing arts art site at that. I’m determined to look toward the light and bring what I am able to help others do the same.  My newest Reiki infused canvases in the Divine Alignment series are varied in size. The smallest ones are a departure as I have always painted large.  It has been an interesting exercise to transpose my intention, textures, colors and design to a vastly reduced format.

Currently ten of these are on display at two different locations: Two larger ones, Distance Calling and Reclamation are part of an exhibition at Wayne Art Center

The six 8 X 10’s are at the D’Arrigo Art Gallery of Salus University along with four larger ones that are also quite recent. You can see images of all these on my gallery page entitled Divine Alignment.  The gallery is located at 50 Breyer Drive in Elkins Park, and the show remains until October 9.

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  • Dalzenia 4 months ago

    Absolutely stunning! xoxo