Installment Five: Draping Abstract Space

23 December 2017

Texture, color, light, shadow, depth, food for thought:
Mix all these ingredients into the stew and maybe the outcome is an overcooked mash.  Or maybe there are enough options from which anyone can choose, to which one might relate.  Maybe still, a synergistic union is created, transporting the viewer somewhere other.

Using the color combination of purple and green in the recipe created a push-pull effect.  Each these colors is one half blue – purple’s other half is red, while green’s is yellow.  Red mixed with yellow create orange.  Blue and orange are opposites on the spectrum.  Purple and green have it all!

“an illusion of integration and separation which recalls that process which distinguishes our dreaming and waking states”  – (quote from my master’s thesis)

Shortly after receiving my MFA I moved to Philadelphia. For a few years after that I created  a series of canvases and drawings I called “Draped Space”.  Wide purple and green stripes were draped over imaginary tubes with areas that were sucked into oblivion (what I thought of as holes in space) These are truly abstract paintings. Their depth, texture, color, light and shadow attempt to define space that does not exist in objective reality. The same elements, however, create a space that we can almost identify, is nearly tangible – perhaps  a space that make more sense to one in a dream state.

Anyway, that’s what I was driving at with this series. I hope you enjoy the image on whatever terms you choose.

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    • Evan 4 weeks ago

      Your understanding of colors is really a gift. This piece is moving and understanding your technique brings the work to life